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Friday Evenings

Saturday Mornings

Truffle Making for kids  

14:30 - 15:30


Under the guidance of a passionate embroiderer, kids learn the cross stitch embroidery technique. This skill will empower the kid to thread a needle, make a knot, follow a design and stitch a button.

The duration of each lesson is 1 hour and classes are on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Needles, Cotton, Cross Stitch Fabric is provided

Cost is R500.00 per term

"I have to tell you that my girls thoroughly enjoy the class and the fact that they have progressed so much and they can see the results has really been quite thrilling. Tasmiya's teddy bear started coming apart at the seam, she was going to ask me and then she realised she could stitch it herself. She told me what type of stitch she was going to use...and I just sat there pretending like I knew what she was talking about ??.Really is a lovely skill for all our kids to learn. I wouldn't mind my son starting too. If you have any new sessions, please let me know."... Satisfied Customer

Truffle Making

This is a fun and creative class for kids and could be a great birthay gift for your child.

Cost is R150.00 per class.

The duration of each lesson is 1 hour

Truffle mixture, Oreo biscuits and coating for decorating (coconut and decorating) is provided

For all classes email or sms Fawziya on 082 770 5578