Bags by Zaymani

  • Non-electric, insulated bag
  • Travel Shoe & Sandal Bags, Travel Laundry Bags, Underwear, Scarves and Accessories Bag, Shopping bags.
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    • The Zaymani, non-electric, insulated bag

      The Zaymani non-electric, insulated bag allows food that has been brought to a boil to continue cooking slowly and keep warm in the bag. The Zaymani non-electric, insulated bag can also keep food that has been chilled, cold for a number of hours.

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    Beaded Products by Zaymani

    Our beader makes a number of items like bracelets, earings and waistbands.

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    Chocolates by Zaymani

    Zaymani’s chocolate supplier sources its cocoa products from suppliers who ensure a sustainable cocoa supply chain that generates income for smallholder farmers and their families in some of the poorest areas along the Equator. Zaymani gives opportunity to community upliftment projects for packaging of the products.

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    We offer crochet lessons on a Saturday morning. We also hvae various crochet products for sale.

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    We offer hand embroidery lessons. We offer personalised machine embroidery as a service.

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    Enamel Products

    Our range of hand painted enamel products is the perfect gift for friends and family who may be overseas.

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    Glass Products by Zaymani

    All glass boxes can be custom made to size and shape specification. Logos or personalisation can be arranged on glass boxes.

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    Sewn and Woolen Products by Zaymani

    Zaymani focuses on useful, environmentally friendly and high quality sewn products that don’t require high production capacity, expensive technology or capital intensive infrastructure.

    • Non-electric, insulated bag that can heat and keep items cool
    • Non-electric insulated bags for cool drinks and baby milk bottles
    • Travel Shoe & Sandal Bags, Travel Laundry Bags, Underwear, Scarves and Accessories Bag, Shopping bags.
    • Hand crochets items from wool and cotton like children’s clothes, jerseys, hats, baby hats and booties, scarves and blankets.
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    Soaps and Pamper Products by Zaymani

    Zaymani sources 100% vegetable soap made with natural ingredients such as pure coconut oil, clay, South African rooibos tea and African Black soap. Our soap products are great for you and for the environment

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    Our range of stationery is made from recylcled products.

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    Wooden Products by Zaymani

    We offer personalised wooden items such as bread boards, rolling pins, wooden cooking utensils and personalised wooden pens in wooden boxes.

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