Zaymani is a company that provides a platform for learning and earning mainly in the informal sector and especially for artisans to develop quality crafted products which we sell to corporates and individuals in and outside of South Africa. Khursheeda Hassan, who is the founder of Zaymani, is on a mission to bring about enduring positive change by unlocking creativity, demonstrating respect for the environment by giving preference to products made from environmentally friendly materials and processes, creating financial freedom and self- reliance as opposed to hand-outs to one man, one woman and one child at a time and creating hope and dignity through fair trade practices.

Zaymani meets the black economic empowerment criteria in terms of shareholding and the shareholders are attracted to individuals and organisations that share the Zaymani purpose of :

  • - Bringing social impact through individual empowerment and self-employment
  • - Supporting environmental sustainability through the responsible use of resources
  • - Unlocking fun and freedom through creativity and learning, and
  • - An appreciation for quality

Our product offering is varied and the list keeps growing as we bring more artisans and micro-businesses on board. We also make our products available to sales people in the informal sector who sell our products within their micro networks.

Founder, Khursheeda Hassan